Review (4/5)

Recently I placed an order through for some bridesmaid dresses. Shopruche is similar to modcloth in that they sell vintage inspired clothing. I have done some extensive internet digging on modcloth and have found enough negative reviews to discourage me from shopping there.

Shopruche did not have as many negative reviews or reviews at all for that matter and I decided to give them a try.

The order:

1)  Please to meet you floral dress ($48.99 USD reg. )


This dress is exactly like the picture.  ( Pardon my camera) The fabric is polyester but the construction of the dress is nice. The zipper at the back is nice and sturdy and there aren’t loose threads flying everywhere. Although the price is a little bit much for something polyester the construction and the style made up for it. Also, I received free shipping and a $30 discount on the entire order making this dress 38 Cnd total. It is very reasonable for a dress of this quality to be around 38 bucks after tax.

2) Louisa Printed Dress By Darling UK ($88.99 USD)



The colour of the dress is a bit more orangy than previously thought but this could be due to my computer screen setting. The price of this dress is a bit steep for polyester material but again the style and the construction of the dress makes up for it. Also it is a brand in the UK and I find the UK stuff are normally a bit more expensive for their quality ( Top Shop anyone?) I once bought a  blazer from a UK brand that is polyester for around $60 Cnd which was quite expensive but the style more than made up for it. This dress after the discount is $82 Cnd.

The package came in a shipping pouch and the dresses were wrapped nicely in tissue

IMG_20140624_153552 IMG_20140624_153527


Shipping was relatively quick, it took only a week to get here ( from FULLERTON, CA to Toronto, ON)

Shopruche uses UPS to deliver to the border then Canada Post for delivery within Canada, I personally did not get charged with additional custom fees. ( Thank goodness) last time I paid $58 on something that costed $100, it was brutal.

Overall Satisfaction: 

Satisfied, will order again. Love the vintage inspired styles. The only down side is that like modcloth, the styles run out quite quickly and if you really like something, you gotta move fast. Free shipping $75 or more.

Website link:

Rome – Athens – Istanbul: A Journey in Pictures (Part 3)

Our last stop on the trip was Turkey, we spent two days in Istanbul and two days in Cappadoccia.  We loved our time in Turkey despite the fact that we got scammed once for stamps. We visited countless carpet shops and had tea with many Turkish men. One of them even read our fortunes in tiny coffee cups.


Bosporus: The strait that separates Europe and AsiaTurikish Food

Our great Turkish feast

Hot air balloons

Cappadocia hot air balloon ride

Hagar sophia

Hagia Sophia


Love valley in Cappadocia

IMG_20140518_113312 Railing DSC03121

Cave homes


Rome-Athens-Istanbul: A Journey in Pictures (Part 2)

Athens was way quieter than Rome ( anywhere would be quieter than Rome I imagine). The city was not over run by tourists and the weather was amazing. We stayed two and half days in Athens and in which one of those days we went  on an island cruise and visited Aegina, Poros and Hydra.

I read up on the Olympian gods one afternoon at the Athens’ archaeological museum which was super helpful. I  appreciated the temple of Hephaestus so much more after learning who Hephaestus was.

We also visited Mars Hill beneath the Acropolis where my friend read us the passage in Acts 17:22-31 (Sermon at Mars Hill).

“The sea was sapphire coloured, and the sky
Burned like a heated opal through the air…”

– Oscar Wilde

 Collage Greece The Acropolis Temple of H dsc02724Poppies and the temple of Hephaestus dsc02731Chapel of St. Thomas on the Island of Aeginadsc02820Greece National Guards (Evzones)Greece GuardsAegina harbourGreece Island





Rome-Athens-Istanbul : A Journey In Pictures (Part 1)

Recently, I took a two week trip to Europe and visited Rome – Athens – Istanbul – Cappadocia with my couple of my friends. My friends dubbed it our very own “eat pray love” journey. Rome was the praying part, we visited so many chapels and churches that I have lost count. Athens was “eat” because the food tasted amazing in comparison to the overpriced tourist food that we had in Rome, and Turkey was “love” because people fell in love there.  We met two ladies who went to turkey on vacation and fell in love with Turkish men and ended up staying there. Although every place we visited had its own charm and we met lots of wonderful people along the way, Turkey was by far our favourite destination and we cannot wait to go back.

Here is our journey in pictures: part 1 – ROME

Rome – The Vatican

VaticanThe Spanish StepsRome Spanish StepsThe Roman ForumRoman Forum2 poppy in the Roman forumThe ColosseumColosseum


The Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum

Trevi fountain, steps to the aviary



Beauty Box 5 Review

Beauty Box 5 : Monthly beauty subscription service, you get 5 samples. I subscribed for three months which costed a total $30. ( Shipping included) I discovered Beauty Box 5 while looking  for an alternative subscription service to Ipsy.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally enjoy Ipsy and I think it is a great subscription service if you live in the U.S, but for us Canadians the shipping and handling is a bit expensive. My monthly Ipsy subscription was costing me around $17 Cad. What’s so great about BB5 is that shipping is free and they always have promotions like free one month subscription or discounts on yearly subscriptions. bb5 April: My first subscription of BB5 was pretty sweet, I opted in for a 24 Clear it Acne kit and got the entire set for $10 24 Clearit 24 Clearit1

I will not be using this myself, but will gift it to a friend who will provide me updates on how well it works.

update: my friend used this, and she did not like it. Apparently it burnt her skin and her neck and jaw area was red for 2 days.

May:  My second subscription was not bad, I got a black eyeliner which I really needed at the time and also a tiny little sample of H2O cleansing gel, a mask, a tiny perfume sample and a few wipes. May BB5 I loved the black eyeliner  (Cattiva retractable eyeliner), which I do not have a picture of it here. Love how it glides onto my lash line and it has pretty good staying power too. I definitely like it better than my Urban decay 24/7 glide on eyeliner ( which I got from my Ipsy subscription),  less smudging for me. The rest of the stuff were okay. I honestly do not remember how the mask was ( think it was a maskeraid one?) , it did not leave a huge impression on me. The H2O marine gel cleanser is nice but not sure if it is nice enough for me to purchase a full sized one.  It is a clear gel and has a little specks of green in it ( maybe they are the marine stuff?) The total refreshing body cooling cloth is good for a summer day but not sure when I would need it. I guess it is nice to have in my bag but will not purchase them as they do not fit my lifestyle. Unfortunately, I lost my perfume sample of Harvey Prince Hello and therefore cannot comment. June:  The third and last subscription was just so-so, I was really excited for the nail polish as the spoiler indicated that every subscriber will get a Nicka K nail polish. There were two options, lavender and red apple. I was really hoping to get Lavender as I already have a red nail polish, but I ended up getting a red one. Oh wells. Anyway here is a quick update on what I got and why it was rather disappointing. 1) One sample packet of OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo Capture The sample size is tiny, it was just enough for one wash.  I am not sure if this product is offered in Canada but I do really like the smell. Wish the sample came in mini bottles instead of plastic packets. 2) Glam Natural Mascara ( travel size) May bbb52 Tiny tube of mascara, great for throwing into your travel bag. The packaging seems to be of low quality, not as polished as other samples of mascara I’ve received in the past. The Mascara itself is quite impressive, it is apparently all vegan, and hypoallergenic, body safe, gluten free and the list goes on. 3)  Nicka K nail Polish in Red Apple Nail Polish I like this nail polish overall, it is a nice one coat nail polish and the colour is rich ( blood red colour) 4) Cleanser, Cream, Scrub and Mask bb53 Review: Pending 5) Vitabath Body Wash Vitabath   Great travel size body wash. I am not big on cherry smelling things but this one smells pleasant enough. Final verdict: will not continue subscribing Beauty Box 5. The price point is definitely very attractive $30 for three month including shipping but the samples that are offered are not as good as other subscription services  like Ipsy. There is usually only one item in the box that is full sized and other samples are either packet samples or really tiny sample size.

Face shop: Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream Review


Recently I have developed a new obsession with the face shop. I bought a few makeup brushes from there and the clay nose strip that worked pretty well. What I love about the face shop is that it is very affordable, the eyeliner brush I got was $5 and the angled blush is $8. I got a sample of this Chia Seed Sebum Control when purchasing the aforementioned items and I just fell in love with it.

I was looking for a gel based moisturizer and this product meets most of my expectations. I say most because this moisturizer doesn’t have any anti aging magic in it. ( I really wish it did even if it is  just a tiny little bit , I am starting to see fine lines appearing around my eyes and am deeply regretting not putting on sunscreen and wearing hats in the summer)

The texture is lovely, not thick or creamy but very light and it is moisturizing enough for my skin ( combination, a little sensitive). The cream is runny enough that if you leave your jar open and tilt it, the cream would slowly start leaking out of the jar.( definitely be careful when your jar is opened, I once knocked a jar of gel cream off the counter top and lost half of a jar worth of product to my bath room floor )

chia seed.

The cream has a faint floral/fruity smell. I really like it. It is not the generic cream smell ( Ponds) nor is it weird and overwhelming (Sunscreen).

I just finished a jar of Garnier Nutristioniste Skin renewal cream, and If I were to compare the two in terms of smell and texture, I would say that Chia seed has a fainter smell than Garnier and that  Chia seed’s smell is more floral whereas Garnier’s skin renew cream  is more fruity ( kinda smells like their shampoo).

Overall, I am very happy with the cream although I thought it was a little bit too pricey at $33 dollars a jar. The good thing is that The face shop always has promotions, I would probably get this again during a promotion however will not buy it at regular price.

The packaging is also a little on the bucking size. Such a big glass jar and so little product ( comparatively)


I love the fact that every time I purchase something at the face shop I get a bunch of samples to try. This time I got BB creams, I haven’t had the chance to use them yet, but will  update when I do!

faceshop nail

Also purchased this bottle of nail polish, I named it  pink,  pearly and very girly. It was only $2.00 regular price, what a steal. The quality is comparable to Joe fresh’s nail polishes ( slightly runny, would require 2-3 coats depending on your preference)

Quick Press: March 2014 Ipsy Bag

Got my Ipsy Bag today! Super fast shipping, it took a total of 2 days for it to get here. I really like this bag, it is probably one of my favourites since subscribing four months ago.

March Bag


The bag itself was pretty “bleh”, it looked a lot “cheaper” in real life than on Ipsy’s facebook spoiler. Although I like the artwork, I kinda wish it was made of canvas instead of plastic

March Content


This month’s Ipsy bag only featured 4 items, but there were 2 full size items which is totally awesome. I got 1) Be a bombshell Bora Bora eye shadow 2) Roughles  Nicole by O.P.I in On what grounds? 3) Pixi flawless skin primer 12ml/ 0.4oz  3) Bare mineral marvelous moxie  lipstick in “get ready”  sample size 0.05oz

bora bora march 2014



Bora Bora close up, so pretty! Now I need to learn how to wear these colours!




My hastily done nails. I love this colour and the texture, reminds me of ocean and sand, or a mermaid’s tail. The only downside is the smell is really strong in comparison to other nail polishes.


1) Be a Bombshell Bora Bora Eye shadow = $16.00

2) Roughles Nicole by O.P.I = around $7

3) Bare mineral marvelous lipstick = $7.00 ( full size is 0.12oz for $18, sample size is 0.05oz)

4) Pixi Primer = $7 ( full size 1.3 oz for $22, sample size 0.4 )

Total value: $37 ( give or take)

Paid: $17.00 ( sniff..Canadian..)

Overall: Very Happy with the bag 😀

Quick Press: Belated Feb Ipsy

ipsy Feb


A very belated Ipsy glam bag post. There is an interesting story that comes with this month’s Ipsy bag, I was suppose to get this month’s bag on Feb.10th according to Canada post’s online tracking system. The online tracker said that the package was delivered but I never received it. So I called them up on the 12th to find out what happened and Canada post that according to their system the package was successfully delivered. ( well, apparently not successfully enough since I never got it)  So I emailed Ipsy Care and they were nice enough to send me another one. So one week later, I received my Ipsy bag in the mail. YAY! but the story doesn’t end here. Yesterday (Feb 28th)  when I got home, I found ANOTHER Ipsy bag in my mail box. I was really confused, so I looked up the tracking number online and It turned out that the first bag that I received was the one that was mis delivered. The person who got it must have put it back into the mail box. The second bag that I received yesterday was the one that Ipsy resent, so now I have two bags, will be gifting stuff from the second bag.

Back to the products:

Nail Polish (Zoya in Odette) : nice colour, 2-3 coat polish

POP beauty lip gloss in fuchsia: I don’t like lip glosses, hate the texture. The colour is okay, doesn’t really show on my lip

Eyetini cream shadow + base: Liking it more and more.

J cat beauty Eyelashes: Haven’t tried

Skin rescue red clay cleanser: It is a good cleanser. I don’t love it or hate it. It is a cleanser, it does its job.

Overall: Pretty happy with this month’s bag. Will keep on subscribing, this is only my third month and so far so good. I really hope I would get a brown pencil or power next month.




Winter: I am sick of you. Please go away

Dear Winter:

I’ve had enough of you. You came too early this year, you froze the ground with your icy breath. You gave us ice rain and a power outage. You shed a lot of your dandruff and gave me two snow mountains in front of my house.  You are so temperamental, you gave us a couple of days of warmth ( turned my frozen pond into slush)  and then unleashed your frozen breath on our land ( and froze my side walk). Seriously, there is a permanent frozen puddle in front of my drive way and I had to skate out of my house everyday in fear of falling and cracking my head open. ( yes, I’ve seen what you did to this girl I know, she slipped on ice and fell on the sidewalk,  she broke her ankle and ended up missing half a semester of school)



It is officially March, please be considerate and leave by the end of this month. We do not want April frozen rain. Do you still remember that saying, April showers brings May flowers? Ya, we won’t get any flowers if we get frozen showers. The giant tree branch hanging over my roof cannot stand another frozen downpour, please do not leave me homeless. The roof is an integral part of the house, without it, it won’t be called A HOUSE.

It just dawned on me as I am writing this post that you might have been confused; I realized that our slogan is WE ARE WINTER and this might have caused you to think that we WANT winter. Let me clarify something, we don’t mind winter, it is something we have to deal with living so far north of the equator but we do not WANT 365 days of winter. We are not  White Walkers, we are HUMANS ( I have linked pictures to those terms in case you cannot tell the difference), Also we created the slogan for the Olympics. Now that is OVER, could we please get some warmth? I am not asking too much, just give me -2 C. ( with NO WINDCHILL)


See you never.